From Perth Australia:

My name is Amanda and my husband Kevin had a black bear rug and skull done by you and we just got it through customs here in Australia today.
Thank you so much, it looks fantastic and will take pride of place in our new house!!

From Steamboat Springs, Colorado:

Ian, I got my Boo yesterday; shipping went well, all good ………………But why I’m really writing you is that your workmanship was outstanding. All brow hairs intact, whiskers same way – cool, eyes look like it’s ready to blink. Very nice indeed.  It looks as though it just stopped for a second in my living room, very life like . The pose you put it in could not have been done better. I would have to say your skills as a pilot are only surpassed by your very talented skills as a taxidermist.

From Hojbjerg, Denmark:

You might not believe it but my wife found the trophy so amazing that she allowed to mount it in our house!!! The job of the mount is excellent. Please pass on my thanks.

From Santa Fe, New Mexico:

You did great job on the bear skin. Thank you very much.

From Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

The three moose arrived yesterday. The delivery truck was too big and tall for our driveway ( trees, wires, gravel, etc. all cited as problems) so Henry and Chris went to the warehouse and retrieved the CRATE in a trailer. Wow! That was some packing job! All arrived intact and Henry and Chris were extremely pleased with your taxidermy work and asked me to email you their congratulations on a job well done. Chris took Guy’s moose to him and we know Guy will be equally pleased. Thank you!

From Uldum, Denmark:

Our moose did arrive. Actually I haven´t seen them yet, as they are with my father in-law. But according to him, they are very much to his liking, and when he says so, I think I will like them too. He said it was a very professional job, and that he spent most of an hour getting them out the crate. I will see them this weekend, which I look forward to. Thank you very much.

From Vejle, Denmark:

Some weeks ago we received our bears. I must say, you have done some very nice mountings and I`m very happy with my two rugs. I will for sure recommend you if I have the opportunity.

From Greve, Denmark:

I was deer hunting today and shot a fine buck and it was also today that I received my fantastic beautiful rug. Its very nice work. Both the events were outstanding experiences for the day, and I can now be satisfied after a good day, say a goodnight to a lovely bear rug at the fireplace, and a deer in the fridge and frezer.