Skinning Instruction

skinning 013 - Copy - Copy


Cut behind front legs
Split down back of front legs about 4”
Cut around front leg at bottom of slit
For all but deer, split cape up the back
For deer, skin the neck as a tube, do not split.
Cut off head at base of skull

The ‘star’ in the armpit must stay on the cape

Leave at least 6” more than you think you’ll need


moose skul cuts 010

Antler cuts

skinning 013




• Be sure critter is lying straight so the center line cut is STRAIGHT and CENTERED
• Make ALL cuts before skinning (red lines for rugs, blue lines for life size)
• Notice position of cuts in relation to paws, thin haired areas (armpits and groin), anus, and testicles/penis NOTE: for life size leave penis and scrotum intact (go around them)
• Skin to wrists/ankles and cut off paws (leave paws attached to hide)
• Skin to base of skull and cut off head (leave attached to hide)
• Allow to cool then roll hide around head and paws before freezing

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